What Is The Best Shapewear For Tummy?

Having a belly is more common than you think. Unfortunately, the belly / lower abdomen is undeniable to most stubborn part of our body. Best Shapewear For Tummy

Despite efforts to lose weight through regular exercises and dieting, the belly is always the hardest part of the body to slim down.

Many women became frustrated as this may mean that wearing tight-fitting outfit is out of the question. Women with obvious belly protrusion often resort to wearing baggy clothes in order to make their belly less prominent. The worst thing is, most of the time, these clothes are not flattering at all!

As such, shapewear for tummy which targets the waist area as well as the lower abdomen, became increasingly popular among women. It is a great instant solution to achieve a slimmer waistline and flatter lower abdomen.

Shapewear With Different Levels Of Control.

Modern shapewear comes in mainly three levels of control, namely, light control, medium control as well as maximum control. Women have the flexibility to choose the level of control depending on how flat they want their tummy to be.

Shapewear which offers lighter control tend to be more comfortable. However, you will not be able to achieve the level of flatness as compared to wearing one with more control. Therefore, it is up to you t to create a balance between comfort and control, and this balance varies with each individual.

Shapewear According To Occasion

If you intend to wear shapewear as an undergarment on a daily basis, shapewear with light or medium control will be more appropriate. This kind of shapewear provides comfort throughout the whole day. It also provides more flexibility and therefore, you will face fewer restrictions while performing your usual tasks as compared to wearing one with maximum control.

On the other hand, if you are intending to attend a special occasion such as dinner, you might prefer to wear a shapewear with maximum control in order to look your best. This is especially true if you are wearing outfits or gown with lighter fabric such as silk.

Wearing shapewear with maximum control will most likely be less comfortable than wearing one with lighter control, but what you will get is a much flatter tummy.

Therefore, if you are attending a special occasion which will only last for a few hours, do try maximum control shapewear for better slimming effect.

Shapewear Which Targets The Belly. Flatten Belly

Today, there are many kinds of shapewear in the market. Fortunately, there are quite a lot of shapewear options for slimming the waistline and flattening lower abdomen.

For me, Shapewear Waist Cincher is the best option to effectively targeting the belly area.

Waist cincher starts from just below the busts down to the hips. It works by evenly distributing excess fats from the tummy area towards the busts and what you will get is a more obvious waistline and flatter tummy. Waist cincher is also rather effective in preventing bulge at the back.

Other types of shapewear which is effective in providing control at the belly area are the High Waisted ones.

High waisted shapewear will provide control over the belly as well as the sides around the belly area. Some high waisted shapewear comes with additional layers at the belly area. These additional layers will provide extra control which will lead to slimmer waistline as well as a flatter belly.

Choose High Waisted Thong if your intention is just to slim down the belly area. If you are interested to extend control below the belly, try the high waisted shorts.

High Waisted Shorts extends all the way to the thighs. It provides shaping for the hips, providing lift to the butt as well as shaping the upper part of the thighs. The effect is a slimmer and natural look from above the waist level up to the thighs.

If you will be wearing a skirt, do opt for Shapewear Slip. A Shapewear Slip is in the form of a mini-skirt. Therefore, it is most suitable to wear under skirts or dresses.

Do choose one which is high waisted for more control. A High Waisted Shapewear Slip extends from just below the busts to below the hips. As control starts from as high as below the busts, a smoother and more natural look can be achieved.

The Importance Of Choosing The Right Shapewear.

No matter which type of shapewear you choose, it is vital to choose one which is your true size. Some women choose to wear slightly smaller size to achieve a slimmer waist and flatter tummy.

This is really not recommended. Besides the discomfort arising from wearing smaller size, the fats from the belly might be pushed to some other part of the belly and cause unwanted bulges. This is really not what we want to achieve from wearing shapewear. Flat Belly

Wearing a shapewear which is too tight will also cause the shapewear to roll down easily. It can be a nuisance especially when you are outside. I definitely do not want to keep going into the ladies to adjust my shapewear!

As opposed to the above, although rare, there are some women who choose to wear shapewear which is one size larger than their true size. This could be due to the fact that they feel warm and constricted if they wear their true size.

Wearing a larger size can cause the shapewear to shift its position easily. This really defeats the purpose of wearing shapewear. Moreover, in order to achieve a flatter tummy, some level of constriction is unavoidable.

Fortunately, most modern shapewear are made of materials which are more airy. Many women find wearing shapewear rather comfortable. With this, wearing a shapewear of the right size is no longer a problem.

Most of the manufacturers’ websites do provide instructions on how to choose the right size.

To Conclude….

There are various options of tummy control shapewear.

However, it is important to note that while shapewear does flatten the belly, it might not necessary give you a totally flattened tummy. Of course, wearing shapewear with more control will produce the effect of a flatter belly.

If you have already successfully found the perfect kind shapewear which gives you flatter tummy, do share in the comments below so that all of us can benefit from your experience! Let us be pretty together!

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18 thoughts on “What Is The Best Shapewear For Tummy?

  1. Shapewear has come in very handy for me, especially when wearing formal dresses. However, I have recently started wearing shapewear underwear to work as I have not felt comfortable with my belly lately. It does make a huge difference. Does wearing shapewear help you strengthen ab muscles? If so, are there certain brands that are better for tightening the tummy?
    Thanks for your help!

    1. Hi Ashley. Thank you very much for your comments. Personally, I view Shapewear as a way to provide some temporary control so that I can look more slim. Although I do feel that my belly area is slightly more toned after wearing shapewear for quite a few months, I do not think you can see any obvious changes in ab muscles. I feel the best way to strengthen ab muscles is still to do exercises and watching your diet. As this process should require some time, shapewear comes in handy in providing that extra control.

    1. Hi. If you have been wearing shapewear the whole day, I do not encourage you wearing it when you sleep. This is to give your body have a chance to relax and have better circulation while sleeping. However, if you did not wear shapewear for during the day time, you can try wearing a light control shapewear to sleep.

  2. Thanks for this information! I have always been thin but after 2 kids I no longer have the flat stomach I did before. I noticed that I may have felt more comfortable the last time I wore a thin material dress to a formal event had I wore some shapewear underneath. This article gives me a starting point to start looking for something that is right for me. Do you think it is better to start out with light control if I have never worn anything like this before?

    1. Hi.

      I am glad that this post is helpful to you. Yes, if you have never worn any shapewear before, it will be less overwhelming to start with a light control one. When you get used to it, you can always choose something with more control.

  3. Your post is awesome. I am always thin and have only worn shapewear once on my wedding day. It was not comfortable to wear shapewear for the whole day. I will bookmark your page and I look forward to reading other information you share with us.

  4. Hi, Lynz.

    Thank you for this great information on shapewear for the belly. I’m actually not needing this, but my friend has her wedding coming up, and she’s mortified about her little “pouch.”

    I’ve been doing some targeted exercise and also implemented a special diet plan for her during the past two months. Yes, she did lose some belly fat, yet, as you mentioned yourself, the adipose fat tissue is the toughest and most stubborn to fight off.

    I’m not certain if she’s interested in shapewear though, especially since it’s only going to be for her special day, but I’ll forward her the link to your website anyway. There’s so much more info than just about shapewear here; a true treasure, and I’m glad that I’ve found your site.

    One question: Is it okay to wear shapewear for the belly during pregnancy? My friend is 4 months pregnant, that’s why I’m asking.

    I’m sending you blessings and much happiness,


    1. Hi Alexandra! Yes, it is safe to wear shapewear during pregnancy. Do look for maternity shapewear, they provide support for different stages of pregnancy. Thank you very much.

  5. We, women, are obsessed with our tummies. I am underweight but my mirror is probably defective; it shows me a huge tummy. After giving birth to my son, I have always thought that my tummy isn’t beautiful anymore, especially in a formal dress. Great article, Lynz! Bookmarking it and passing it to my friends! Thank you

  6. This post is so apt for me. I’ve lost weight thanks to following a keto diet and find that even though I’m happy with my weight, my belly continues to be an area that I still struggle with. Having had 4 children, this does not help with my belly’s on going elasticity! I didn’t realise there were shapewear options with differing levels of control. This is a relief, because I’ve found that the one item I currently have that helps with me belly is quite tight. It works well, but if I was to wear it during the day or on a daily basis, I would struggle. Thanks for creating an informative and helpful post.

  7. I’ve always struggled with some extra belly fat, and it’s never fun. When it comes to special occasions I’m always trying to hide it. Your info will help me be more confident and have less stress. I will try out a few of the styles you mentioned and see what I like the best. Thank you for the amazing info! I can’t wait to try out some shapeware!

  8. Thanks for your review on this! I don’t particularly need any shapewear to give the appearance of a flatter belly, but I definitely think it’s something I could look into to give me a smoother appearance under my clothes – such as tight dresses or skirts.

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