What is Shapewear?

Corsets were being introduced since the 1500s. It had then become popular Corset What Is Shapewearin the Victorian era of Europe. During that time, it was deemed to be a necessity to “beautify a woman’s figure”. However, the corsets then, were stiff and restrictive. It was rather uncomfortable to wear.

Fortunately, in this modern era, we have a much more comfortable alternative – Shapewear. Not only is the Shapewear today more comfortable, it provides a more natural slimming effect on a woman’s figure.

Shapewear has been increasingly popular among modern women seeking for a slimmer and more proportional body shape. A good shapewear should be able to provide a slimmer appearance, leading to enhancing a woman’s curves.

It is increasingly popular to wear shapewear as an undergarment so that you will look good in any clothes you are wearing, be it casual wear, office clothes or party clothes. In fact, it has become a fashion necessity among celebrities!

Shapewear provides a natural slimming effect that if it is worn the right way, no one will even notice that you are wearing one underneath your outfit!

Shapewear is an instant solution for women who have difficulty losing weight or are in the process of losing weight.

If worn properly, it should be comfortable.

Having said all the above, just what is shapewear and how does it work?

What Does Shapewear Do?

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Shapewear is a compression garment that pushes the fats in to produce a slimmer effect.

It can be worn to target areas where there are ‘excess meat’. It can target areas such as the waist, tummy, thighs and more.

It might not necessary flatten those areas but will definitely reduce the ‘bulge’ to provide a slimmer, sleeker and curvy figure.

You will look better in your clothes which you previously did not look good in. Wearing more body hugging clothes to showcase your figure can now be possible with shapewear!

What Are The Areas Which Shapewear Can Be Worn To Target?

Nowadays, there are many options of shapewear which can be used to target different parts of the body as well as for different kinds of outfit.

There are tops which provides control to shape the breasts, tummy and the hips.

High waist briefs are good options for woman who wants to shape waist and lower tummy.

High waist shorts are good options for shaping butts and thighs, while still shaping the waistline and tummy.

There are also shapewear which can provide support and lift to the busts.

And if all these are not enough, bodysuits provides maximum all over slimmer effect from torso to thighs, as well as the back!

There are also some shapewear which can also be worn outside. The most common one is short tights which provides control from the hips to thighs. Long tights extends all the way down the full length of the legs are also a popular option now.

There is shapewear for ALL! Currently, there is a wide variety of sizes in the market. No matter what size you are, you are definitely able to find a size suitable for you.

No matter what is your size, wearing shapewear definitely provides benefits.

For people who are plus size, with shapewear, a slimmer figure can be achieved. For people who are slim, shapewear can be used to firm up or control targeted areas which you are unhappy with!

Does Wearing Shapewear Helps To Lose Weight?

Shapewear is said to be able to bring about some weight loss. It is said to provide a massaging effect. This causes heat to be generated in the area the garment is worn, which in turn, burns fats around that area. However, it is unlikely to bring about a drastic weight loss.

It does, however, provides women with a more attractive, slimmer and more proportional figure on a day to day basis.

Asians have also used similar method to flatten their tummies after childbirth. An abdominal wrap is used to wrap the tummy as soon as one day after childbirth.

The idea is to bind the tummy with the wrap as secure as possible. The tummy is supposed to remain wrapped for at least a few hours everyday.

Needless to say, the longer the tummy is being wrapped, the faster and more effective will be the result. This is a very traditional method of flattening the stomach and tightening the skin after childbirth.

Abdominal wrapping is also often accompanied by postnatal massages.

Many people find this rather effective and this is the reason why such traditional method is still being used till this day.

Shapewear For Weight Loss.

There are shapewear for different levels of control.

For everyday wear, light control shapewear is a good option. It provides more flexibility. In this way, there will be fewer restrictions while performing normal day to day activities. Light control shapewear provides some level of shaping while still maintaining a relatively high level of comfort.

Firm control shapewear, as the name implies, provides a much firmer control. As such, movement will be more restricted. However, in exchange for this, what you get is a more controlled and sculpted look. The effect on weight loss should also be more noticeable.

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What To Look Out For When Choosing/Wearing Shapewear?

It is recommended to choose shapewear which is made of breathable materials. This allows for circulation and maximum comfort.

Whichever shapewear was chosen (whether light control or firm control), it is important to choose shapewear with the right size. Choosing a smaller size in order to achieve a slimmer effect is highly not recommended! This will lead to extreme discomfort.

Wearing a much smaller size will also cause fats to be shifted to the wrong parts of the body and ‘bulges’ will appear. This definitely defeats the purpose of wearing shapewear. Therefore, always choose your true size.

It is also recommended not to wear shapewear to sleep.

If the right shapewear is chosen, it should be relatively comfortable and not pose any health risks.

Shapewear For All!

Regardless of what is your figure now, shapewear should provide you with a slimmer, sleeker and more curvy figure.

Shapewear is a good way to boost a woman’s confidence as it will make every woman look better in whichever clothes she wears.


6 thoughts on “What is Shapewear?

  1. I like that shapewear is designed to bring out curves, not just to make women look slimmer. I think I´m wearing a sort of shapewear right now, these are jogging pants with a high waist. These are sports pants, so the idea is to provide support rather than to shape the figure, but nevertheless the effect is the same.

    I also have compression tights. I wear them to prevent my legs from getting tired, but they have a shaping effect as well. Even compression socks do the same trick. Sometimes I wear compression socks too to prevent swollen legs.

    Do you think shapewear is also good for supporting the body, to prevent swelling, tired legs etc. ?

    1. Hi Kirsti. Wearing compression hosiery can indeed bring about some relieve to swelling and tiredness. Does it work for you? Thank you so much for reading!

  2. Yes, I find the compression tights do prevent tired and swollen legs. The compression socks do the same trick. Whether I’m on my feet and walk a lot, or sit for a long period, my legs don’t get tired and swollen as easily.

  3. Interesting. I never took the time to read some info about shapewear because in my head it was something used a long time ago and not used anymore today. Glad I was wrong! I learned a lot with your post today, thank you for sharing 🙂

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