Shaping Swimwear – Elegant Swimwear With Effective Tummy Control Review

Shaping Swimwear

Wearing swimwear can be a big concern for many women. This is because a typical swimwear provides less coverage compared to our usual outfit.

As such, “problematic” areas of our body are revealed and can be more obvious. The fear of exposing parts of the body which we are not confident with, impacts our confidence greatly.

In some extreme cases, some women, especially those who are more conscious of their body, might avoid going to the swimming pool or beach totally!

Fortunately, today, the concept of shapewear extends to swimwear as well! With shaping swimwear, we can all go to the beach with confidence!

Shaping swimsuit with tummy control has become increasingly popular today.

Today, swimwear with tummy control comes in many lovely designs. There are so many options and you can choose the design which will enable you to conceal or even enhance certain parts of your body.

For instance, if your concern is your tummy bulge, choose a swimwear design which will allow you to conceal your tummy or make the tummy appear less obvious.

If you are very confident with your busts, you can choose one with low or see-through mesh neckline. There are also shapewear swimsuits which can enhance the busts too!

Here are some fantastic swimwear with good tummy control (including plus size ones). They are not only elegant looking, but also provides effective shaping and comfort. They are also affordable and most importantly, have good reviews!

1. Eomenie Women Plus Size Tummy Control Swimwear

Eomenie Swimwear

The Eomenie one piece swimwear is very stylish and elegant. It is suitable for women who are not comfortable to reveal too much of their body but still want to look sexy. If you are bored with the usual single color swimsuit, this Eomenie swimwear will definitely live up to your expectations as it comes in huge selection of patterns! Totally not joking here!

Design Features:

  • See through mesh for a little hint of sexiness.
  • High neckline adds elegance and accentuate sculpted shoulders.
  • Ruched design at tummy helps to make the tummy less obvious.
  • Good tummy control.
  • Comes with thick removable pads.
  • Extra layer of fabric provides additional smoothing effect.


  • Huge variety and colors and pattern to choose from.
  • Material is stretchy and soft.
  • Comfortable with enough support.
  • Good tummy control.
  • Provides maximum coverage without appearing too conservative.
  • The vaguely see through mesh accentuates the cleavage and this makes a woman more sexy and yet not too revealing.


  • Some women find the breast paddings are rather thick. People with big breasts might want to remove the paddings or get a thinner one.

Available Sizes: From Small (US 4) to XXX-Large (US 22)

Reviews Rating: 4.5 / 5

Take a look at the huge selection of the Eomenie swimwear here!

2. Holipick Women Sexy V Neck Off Shoulder Swimsuit

Holipick Tummy Control Swimsuit

This Holipick swimwear is suitable for women who wants to look feminine, thanks to its ruffled flap on top. It is also suitable for women who wants extra coverage at their chest area. The flexibility to wear the shoulders sleeves up instead of down, provides additional coverage for women who wants to cover their armpit and upper arm.

Design Features:

  • Shoulder straps are soft and adjustable.
  • Flexibility to wear the shoulder sleeve up or down.
  • Comes with removable padding for breast support.
  • Good tummy control.
  • One piece swimsuit.


  • Material is very durable and of good quality.
  • Fabric is elastic, soft and smooth.
  • A selection of colors to choose from.
  • The ruffled flap provides coverage from the busts area to the mid-section. This is very suitable for those who do not feel comfortable revealing their chest.
  • The ruffled flap also makes the area below the chest to appear slimmer, which in turn, magnifies the curvature of the figure.
  • The ability to adjust the length of the shoulder straps provides you the flexibility to decide how low you want the swimsuit to be.
  • A good balance between the amount of constriction and comfort.


  • Some women find the removable pad is rather thin.
  • Might not be able to provide sufficient support for those with bigger breast, however, it is able to cover the breast rather well.

Available Sizes: From Small (US 4) to XX-Large (US 18)

Reviews Rating: 4.5 / 5

Find other beautiful colors of this Holipick swimwear here!

3. Lands’ End Women’s Slender Tunic with Tummy Control

Lands End Swimwear/ Swimsuit

The Lands End Women’s Slender Tunic is not only trendy but unique. Its sweetheart neckline with the additional flowery pattern drape at the hips make this swimsuit design rather unique. It is especially suitable for women who are not comfortable showing their hips and butts, thanks to the additional drape which covers the hip area. It is extremely suitable for those who swims very often as it is made to last! Though it can be a bit more pricey compared to other swimsuits, it is worth the price as it is very durable.

Design Features:

  • Unique sweetheart neckline.
  • Firming Slendertex fabric.
  • Swimsuit is made to last longer.
  • Additional drape over the hips.
  • One piece swimsuit


  • Sweetheart neckline accentuates the busts.
  • Slendertex fabric is firm enough to provide enough shaping control and smoothing effect.
  • Material is not only stretchy but has good recovery, making the swimsuit less likely to be overstretched and become loose over time.
  • Color of swimsuit is expected to remain vibrant as the fabric is able to resist breakdown from chlorine, sunscreen, UV rays and sweat
  • The additional drape provides coverage and minimizes the hips.


  • More costly.
  • Only two sizes are available.

Available Sizes: US 6 ad US 8

Reviews Rating: 5 / 5

Click here to see other available designs of Lands End swimwear here!

4. Perona Plus Size Tummy Control Swimsuit/Swimdress

Perona Swimwear

If you want excellent overall coverage, do consider this Perona swimdress! The fabric is durable and it provides effective overall shaping control especially tummy control, to give you a more well-defined waist! It is also very suitable for women who do not want to reveal their upper thighs or hips.

Design Features:

  • Inner compression mesh liner for tummy control.
  • V-neckline.
  • Flare skirt with ruched design at the bust and waist area.
  • Adjustable shoulder straps.
  • One piece swimdress.


  • Inner compression mesh is very effective in producing tummy slimming effect.
  • Push in and covers side boobs completely. No more obvious side boobs!
  • Really good in smoothing fats at the back.
  • Provides coverage to muffin tops.
  • Skirt flap to cover inner thighs.
  • Suitable for women of all heights as you can adjust the length of the shoulder strap yourself!


  • Some women find the cups too big. However, it becomes fitting when they tightened the adjustable straps.

Available sizes:

  • US 18W to 28W
  • US 8 to 14

Reviews: 4.5 / 5

Find the different patterns/colors of Perona swimdress here!

How To Find The Appropriate Size Of Swimwear?

It is important to refer to the sizing chart and measurements provided by the respective swimwear brands / seller when deciding on the right size.

Shapewear swimsuit comes in so many beautiful designs! What is your favorite design and brand? Let us know in the comments section below!

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32 thoughts on “Shaping Swimwear – Elegant Swimwear With Effective Tummy Control Review

  1. This is a wonderful post. I am a woman who wards off going
    swimming publicly because of unwanted belly fat. The years have taken a toll.

    But your post has shown me that there are very attractive swimsuits for the
    problem areas.

    I particularly like the last two shown. They seem to have better
    camouflage for the tummy area.

    1. Thanks so much for this review. I’m a woman with belly fat. It’s kind of embarrassing when I’m I’m my swimming wear, cos I like to swim. Now, I can feel good and sexy in my swim suit.
      In think I love the perona swim dress. Not too exposed unlike the normal swim suit

  2. Nice stuff!
    I am glad to see that manufacturers are finally bringing some style to swim wear that is beyond the tankini style! The newer swim dresses are very pretty!

    Do you know if the mesh necklines allow sun to go through? Just wondering if sunscreen is required in that area.
    Thank you for posting this.

  3. I usually wear two piece but these one piece swimwear are breathtaking. Though I don’t have a tummy to conceal I can definitely do with enhancing certain parts of my body. I will definitely opt for Eomenie one piece swimwear or even the Land’s End Women’s Slender Tunic. This is an interesting post.

  4. This is a nice post on swimwear! I normally don’t like wearing swimsuits because I am still not confident in showing off my body. I’d usually wear yoga shorts and a t-shirt whenever I went to the beach. Seeing these tummy control swimsuits might just lure me back to wearing them again.

    I like the black Eomenie and the Lund’s End swimsuits. If ever I’m in the market for a swimsuit again I’ll definitely check out those two.

  5. This is a really interesting Niche! I found it really neat and you gave so much information.

    Personally, I like the v neck off the shoulder swimsuit 🙂

  6. Hi Lynz,
    Great post! There’s some wonderful ideas here.
    Personally, I prefer a bathing suit with an underwire bra inside.
    At 58, and with a full bust, I need the support, lol.
    Do you know if any of these have underwire?
    The one with the ruffled top is adorable. But maybe too young looking for me, haha.
    Thanks again,

    1. Hi Suzanne! Unfortunately the swimsuits listed are without underwire for extra comfort. But I intend to write a post on swimsuits with underwire for those who need the extra support. Thank you so much for reading!

  7. Wow! The gorgeous elegant collection of swimwear with an eye captivating colors.
    How I wish to wear these things if I could be younger,

    Here in Japan, summer is just started and my two young adult daughters are reaching lately a suitable swimsuit for this summer, and I found your post very informative, I would rather let them know this.

    Thank you so much for this great information!

    Best regards,

  8. As a woman who has mom belly, I am thankful to have a find a site that has a review of shaping swimwear. Buying a bathing suit is one of the most damaging things I have ever done to myself esteem.

    You have given me hope that I can still find a swimsuit that is sexy but can help hide what I want hidden.

    The first suit is hot! I love the hint of sexiness but still appropriate to wear to a family waterpark.

    The pros and cons you have listed make shopping much more straightforward. Thank you for taking the time to write this article.

  9. Great posts, I have at least a couple of friends who are not really comfortable wearing a two-piece swimwear because of a bit extra belly fat.
    Now, after reading your article, I’ll let them know that they don’t have to anymore.
    The swimwears with tummy control are a wonderful idea and they seem more than effective.
    I’ll make sure to pass your article to them so more people could take advantage of this invaluable information.
    Thanks for sharing!

  10. I’m glad that shaping swimsuit with tummy has become popular, I would feel more confident in a one piece swimsuit. Finally found a swimwear that I won’t have concern about my tummy bulge anymore and the design looks very nice and elegant.

    Thank you for this wonderful post, now I know what to look out for.

  11. Oh my God, I fell in love with the Holipick swimsuit, so beautiful! And it looks perfect for me, because I have small cleavage. I’m thinking of getting it. I actually prefer bikinis over swimsuits, but the Holipick one really got my attention, and I have wanted to buy a new bikini (or swimsuit) for a while now 🙂

  12. What a great article and a great find to know that there is swimwear that incorporates shapewear! For many years I’ve been self conscious of my belly. Even though I’m a small size, have lots weight and at my goal weight which I am proud of, I’m also very self conscious of my belly as it’s the one area that has lost its elasticity due to have 4 pregnancies. My kids remind me of this and reassure me it’s ok and understandable, but I would still fee much more comfortable in shapewear swimmer than feel like my belly is sticking out lol! These are very attractive and practical. Thanks heaps for sharing 🙂

  13. It’s great that you’re doing a review on swimsuits. As good ones are so hard to fid. I really like the Perona Plus Size Tummy-Control Swimsuit/Swimdress. After giving four times, I need to hide the bulge. One of the reasons I haven’t’ gone swimming is because I can’t find anything works.

    So glad I stopped upon your site, you have a great selection here.

  14. Oh wow, I must say I love the Eomenie swimsuit! Especially the pattern on the image with an orange top and floral bottom part. I like that it offers tummy control, but it´s also sexy. I love patterns and colors, and find single color swimwear boring. The Eomenie swimsuit certainly comes with patterns and colors.

  15. Hi Lynz I am so glad that you shared this post .I have not worn a swim suit in years because of belly fat issues and have spent time looking for the right swim suit on line. This is really helpful, I will be looking into the Perona plus size and women slender

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