Shapewear Bra Support: Do You Need It?

Bra is a necessity for every woman. Well, at least this is what I think…

However, wearing a bra can be uncomfortable to some. I have known friends who only wear bras when they are going out. They do not wear bras at home. Some women do not wear bras to bed as they feel more comfortable without one.

Having said the above, is it really necessary for women to wear bras? Other than providing coverage, is there any other benefits of wearing bras? Does Shapewear Bras support busts better?

If you want to find out, read on!

Do We Really Need To Wear Bras? Why do girls wear bra?

The answer is Yes. Women’s breasts are made of special glands which are able to produce milk as well as fatty tissues. There are no muscle structures in them. Therefore, they are prone to sagging if there is no regular support.

On top of this, gravity is another reason which can cause busts to sag. The force of gravity is constantly pushing the busts down. If there is no support from the bottom, very soon, these busts will be drooping! Sounds frightening, isn’t it!

Who Needs Support The Most?

Women with larger busts tends to have more fatty tissues in them. While some of us envy such women having larger busts, having larger busts has its own disadvantages.

Women with larger busts tend to suffer from back pain due to carrying this additional weight on a daily basis! The shoulders of these women have a tendency to lean forward and this is really not an elegant posture.

For these women, wearing bra is even more important. Wearing bra will provide support to the busts which in turn, relieve the stress from carrying this additional weight on a daily basis.

Their shoulders will be more unlikely to lean forward. This will greatly improve the posture. They will look more attractive and feel more confident.

Does Women With Smaller Busts Needs Support?

Many females might think that the threat of sagging busts does not apply to women with smaller busts.

However, the truth is these women still face the threat of busts sagging, just that the extent of sagging might not be as great as those with larger busts.

For these women with smaller busts, wearing a bra regularly will delay the rate and extent of sagging.

Shapewear Bra Vs A Normal Bra.

Does shapewear bra provide additional benefits than your typical bra? The answer is Yes.

Typical bras and even push-up bras focus on the busts area. While they do provide the necessary support and even some lifting of the busts, shapewear bras can do more than these!

Shapewear bra enhances not just the busts. Wearing it can enhance the whole upper part of the body as it does not only focus on the busts.

These bust enhancing shapewear has the additional benefit of shaping the waist. The final result will not only be having fuller busts but also a sleeker waist.

Types of Shapewear Bra

Emanuelle Araújo posa de lingerie para Ano Nova
Emanuelle Araújo posa de lingerie para Ano Nova by Bahia Noticias from Salvador, Brasil

Open Bust Cami

If you are used to wearing your own bra but still long to get to enjoy the additional benefits of the shapewear, an open bust cami is a good option. This is because you can wear the open bust cami on top of your favorite bra.

Open bust cami provides shaping at the back and waist. Due to the firm control at these two areas, it provides a ”pushing” effect upwards towards the busts area. What you will get is fuller busts and a more controlled waistline.

In this way, you will be able to achieve the effect of a sleeker and natural upper body and still get to wear the bra which you prefer!

Shaping Cami With Padded Bra

Shaping cami with built-in bra is a good option for those who wants to enjoy the convenience of wearing a single piece to achieve a more attractive figure.

The built-in bras are padded for those who wants to achieve the effect of much fuller busts. However, for those who feel that they do not need this, there is also an option to remove the paddings.

In addition, most of them also comes with underwire. This provides full support for the busts. It also provides some lift for the busts.

Similarly, shaping cami also comes with control over the waist area.

There is also another popular feature for the shaping cami. You can wear it both as an undergarment or even by itself! It is rather common to see people wearing it for a gym session or workouts.

Both the open bust cami and the shaping cami comes in a variety of styles. It allows you to have different options depending on your needs.

For those who wants shaping beyond the waist, choose one which extends from the waist level down to the thighs.

Miniskirt versions are also available for people who intend to wear tight-fitting skirts or dresses. You can wear it as an undergarment to achieve a smoother and sleeker figure.

Everyone Can Benefit From Shapewear Bra!

While women with larger busts require shapewear bra to provide maximumshapewearmagic support, women with smaller busts can equally make use of shapewear bra. They can wear shapewear bra to create fuller busts.

This is especially true for petite women who need the extra help to lift the busts and slim the waist. This will accentuate the curves of a women’s figure naturally.

As mentioned above, the attractiveness of a women’s figure is not only limited to the busts. The effect of shaping from shapewear bra at the back, waist and even thighs plays an important part in creating fuller overall curves of a woman’s figure.

Modern shapewear bra comes in a variety of styles. This makes it easy to choose one according to your needs. You can also choose one according the level of control you need.

Most importantly, while a typical bra helps to keep the shape of the breasts, shapewear bra provides the additional benefit of providing some form of control at the other parts of the body, all of which is necessary to create a more attractive overall look.

8 thoughts on “Shapewear Bra Support: Do You Need It?

  1. Very useful information. I have always worn an underwire bra which I find get uncomfortable when you have put on a bit of weight or out of shape, Now that I am home alot I wear sports type bras which give no shape whatsoever but are at least comfortable. Where do you buy shapewear bras from?

    1. Hi! There are some popular online stores selling quality shapewear. To name a few: Spanx, Ashley Stewart, Uniqlo. Check them out!

  2. Hi,

    This was a very interesting read. I must admit that I don’t particularly enjoy wearing a bra as it feels very uncomfortable and unnatural to me, but I didn’t realize the impact that wearing a bra has on your posture.

    I’m very happy to give this a go. You certainly make it sound very comfortable. But I would prefer one that didn’t have the underwire (those are the worst!). Are there shapewear bras that don’t have the underwire?

  3. Thanks for this useful info!
    And totally agree, breast of any size requires support.

    I used to wear underwire bra, but since I’ve been hearing disadvantages of wearing it, I switched to the ones without wire but still gives support. I’m using the ones from Uniqlo, and I like it.

  4. I’m a woman with smaller breasts and I love push-up bras and definitely use them for a fuller look.

    Is this product “true to size”?

    It’s nice to know there’s a difference between regular bras and the Shape Up, I’ve been meaning to upgrade my bra collection. I may give this one a try.

    Thanks so much for the great idea!

    1. Hi Aria. Most body shapers are according to bra size. Yes, it is true to size. Thank you so much for reading!

  5. Thank you for the info! I honestly didn’t know they had shapers for bras, which is something I will now consider. Buying bras that are well fitting are like a treat for myself. I want to start getting shapers to not only treat myself but to help with self-confidence.

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