Plus Size Shapewear

Most plus size women have a common problem, that is, a lack of choices when it comes to purchasing clothing.

Additionally, some plus size women feel that they do not have any curves. Hence, they tend to wear loose clothing in an attempt to “hide” their shapeless figure as well as unwanted “lumps”.

Unfortunately, these loose outfits provide no shape at all. They do not make women attractive.

Is there nothing these bigger size women can do to make their body shape more attractive and in return, gain back the confidence which they equally deserve?

Will plus size shapewear be the solution for these women to accentuate their body curves?

Let’s explore!

Plus Size Shapewear

Does Average Size Women Needs Shapewear?

Before we explore more about shapewear for plus size women, let’s talk a little on an average size woman.

There might be a misconception that an average size woman does not need to wear shapewear.

Well, this might not always be the case. Despite having the perfect weight, most often, there are parts of the body which are not perfect.

For instance, some of these women may feel that their busts/butts are not full enough or their waists are not slim enough or their thighs are not slender enough….

The truth is, for these people who have perfect weight, there are also parts of their body which they feel, needs some “shaping” or “enhancing”.

Many of them turn to wearing shapewear to achieve the look which they want.

Therefore, unless you feel that you already have the perfect figure from top to bottom, average size women do wear shapewear as an undergarment to shape specific parts of their body.

In that sense, plus size women might not be too different from average size women.

Plus size women should also be able to make full use of shapewear to create a sleeker and more “controlled” figure.

Finding The Perfect Outfit For Plus Size Women Plus size women

My sister became a plus size woman after giving birth to three beautiful children.

Whenever she needs to attend an event or function, she will spend a considerable amount of time shopping for a dress which she feels, will look good on her. Unfortunately, due to limited options, the search for a suitable outfit became long and arduous.

To make things worse, the episode is not over even after she had bought the dress. After reaching home, the first thing she did was to put on the dress again, and most of the time, she would no longer feel that the dress is suitable for her. She would be unhappy and start to criticize the way certain parts of her body looked. All of these, became mentally stressful and unhealthy.

Being no longer satisfied with the dress which she had just bought, she would then go to her wardrobe and look for alternative dresses to try, hoping to find an outfit which will enable her to “hide” those parts of the body which she was unhappy with.

However, most of the time, she would end up finding nothing which could meet her expectations. She ended up feeling rather disappointed and frustrated.

How Can Shapewear Help A Bigger Size Women?

Instead of spending time and effort on finding the “perfect” outfit, I feel that it may be much easier as well as more feasible to wear shapewear to not only control, but also enhance the figure.

The most important advantage is that these shapewear provides the flexibility for women to choose the part of the body to control or enhance. These women can choose to wear shapewear only on parts of the body which they are unhappy with.

To some women, it can be their busts and waists, while to others, they may choose to shape their thighs. Alternatively, if they are not satisfied with the overall look of their figure, a full body shaping undergarment will be the appropriate choice.

Majority of the plus size women choose to wear tummy control shapewear in order to make the waist appear “less protruding” or slimmer or to have more control of the unwanted lumps at the waist area.

The effect will be something like taking a deep breath while contracting your belly at the same time! What they get is a flatter and more toned waist.

So how does a tummy control shapewear works?

A tummy control shapewear compresses fats in your belly inwards, making the belly appear slimmer. As a bonus, some good quality shapewear have the additional effect of pushing these fats to parts of the body such as the busts or the butts.

What women get is a fuller and more toned busts and butts. In other words, the shapewear will work in such a way that it will flatten areas of the body which needs to be flattened and enhance areas which needs to be enhanced.

The overall effect is something which looks more like “hourglass-like” figure.

A woman’s  figure will be more curvy – from fuller busts to slimmer waistline to fuller butt.

There is also no longer any need stick to wearing those unattractive loose clothing in order to hide the undesirable parts of the body.

As the figure is now more toned and enhanced, they will be able to look much better in more fitting outfits, which will compliment their “new” figure.

There will be more choices while shopping for clothing. In addition, these plus size women might be able to wear those outfit which they previously would not even consider, as these outfit brought out the less desirable aspect of their figure.

Other than tummy control shapewear, there are a variety of shapewear to choose from, depending on which areas of the body needed more control

Shapewear Enhances Proportion Of The Body Plus Size

Shapewear shapes the body in a way whereby it slims down parts of the body which is supposed to be slim., such as the waist and unwanted lumps. At the same time, it enhances parts of the body which requires enhancement such as the busts and butts.

This enables the body to look slimmer and more proportional.

In addition, wear shapewear pants to slim and tone the thighs and legs.

This will enable plus size women to have a more slender and sleeker overall look.

More Flexibility

Other than having the flexibility of choosing parts of the body which needs shaping, women can also choose the level of control of the shapewear. This is an added advantage to a plus size women who tend to have areas which needed more control.

For instance, if more shaping is needed at the waist and thigh area, choose shapewear which provides higher control at these areas.

If certain parts of the body requires less shaping, simply choose a shapewear with lesser control for extra comfort.

In general, there is always a suitable shapewear for everyone!

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  1. I absolutely love this site, and article. Thank you for providing information and a place for plus size woman to come and rejoice! I love curves, and totally dig this entire concept. Well written and I can’t wait to read more from you!

  2. Very informative! I like how you mention that shape wear can benefit women of all sizes. I will have to look into it. It isn’t something I have thought about before, but I probably could benefit from shape wear, too. Thanks for helping beautiful women of all sizes and shapes. 🙂

  3. What a nice post you wrote! I really enjoyed reading it and I could not be silent about your post so I decided to leave my comment here and say Thank You! For sharing this quality post with others.
    Actually this is exactly the information that I was looking for information about the shapewear and when I landed on your website and read this post, it answered all my questions in details.
    So I’m happy that you decided to write about this topic and share it with people. It’s very useful and can definitely be used as a great source for everyone who is interested in this topic.
    I will come back to your website again for sure and I’m looking forward to reading your new posts.)


  4. Hi Lynn, I’m so glad that you have posted about shape wear that are suitable for plus-size women. I’m a plus-size woman and after having both my babies, well, my lower belly became the hardest place to look at even after wearing a shape-wear ( Now, I wear two for a desired shape). I love your this site and I’m going to subscribe and share

  5. Thanks so much for considering all sizes in shapewear conversations! I also really love that you highlight the different reasons – it’s not just about looking “skinnier”, but also about finding the personally desired look for a specific outfit. This is such a touchy subject, but I appreciate that you consider all of the reasons behind shapewear. Also- one of the biggest reasons I wear it is to prevent chafing! I’m comfortable with my body, but I hate the summer and sweat! Some of the thigh shapers, in particular, are great for helping with chafe. Thanks again!

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