Medical Compression Leggings

Medical Compression Leggings/Tights

Photo by Brooke Cagle on UnsplashFor some of us, our legs are probably the most-overworked part of the body.

This is especially true for athletics, dancers, as well as those whose job requires them to stand for long hours.

These people are more prone to muscular injuries.

To these people, compression leggings could provide some healing and preventing of muscular injury.

Compression leggings or stockings are elastic tights which provides some degree of pressure/compression to the legs.

The pressure is stronger near the ankles and will gradually reduce from the ankle upwards.

This means that you will feel tighter near your ankles, and then less and less tight as it goes upwards.

Since wearing compression leggings for health reasons is rather safe, health practitioners have been recommending their patients to wear Medical Compression Leggings since a long time ago.

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Besides athletics and patients, people whose job requires them to stand for long hours, will also be able to benefit from wearing compression leggings.

What is Medical Compression Leggings?

Medical compression leggings generally have a compression level of at least 20mm Hg.

The most frequently used compression level prescribed by health practitioners is between 20 mm Hg to 30mm Hg.

However, the level of compression needed can vary, depending on the purpose of wearing compression leggings.

If you are wearing Compression Leggings for medical or health purposes, do seek your doctor’s advice on the appropriate Compression Level for your condition.

Where Can You Buy Medical Grade Compression Leggings?

As compression leggings are increasingly widely used due to its effectiveness, it is not difficult to find them. This includes medical grade ones too!

Today, medical grade leggings can be found easily online or in pharmacies. However, due to the seriousness of some conditions, doctors might require patients to wear leggings of specific dimensions.

In such cases, instead of obtaining standard Compression Leggings, doctors might request the patient to wear tailor-made ones.

In the event that leggings are obtained through your doctor, you will be able to claim from your insurance.

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Can Everyone Wear Medical Compression Leggings?

Generally, compression leggings are relatively safe. This is also the reason why health practitioners recommend them to their patients.

Having said the above, there are some people who should not wear them.

These people include:

People with skin condition or sensitive skin

Wearing compression leggings for these people might worsen their skin condition.

This is because the leggings are wrapped tightly around the skin.

As such, the constant friction between the skin and the leggings might cause severe discomfort and worsen the skin condition.

People who have artery or vascular condition

It is not advisable for people with heart-related or artery condition to wear compression leggings.

This is because as the leggings wraps tightly around the skin, blood circulation for this group of people might be affected.

Without healthy blood circulation, there might not be enough oxygen being circulated throughout the whole body, and this can be life-threatening!
Therefore, as a general rule, if you have any previous or existing health condition, it is always safer to consult a doctor before wearing any type of compression wear.

Is It Safe To Wear Medical Compression Leggings?

Generally, it is safe the wear compression leggings for those without any serious health condition.

Despite this, it is very important to make sure that the right size is worn.

This leads to a very important question – How do I know if I am wearing the right size?

As a general guide, when wearing compression leggings, you should feel firm but not overly-tight.

Some degree of firmness or compression is required for the leggings to be effective.

However, you should not feel anything more than firmness. If you feel discomfort and/or pain on your legs, most probably, you will need a bigger size.

This is because feeling of pain is an indication of the size being too small.

Very often, guidelines for choosing the appropriate size should be available on the website or in-store. Do follow these guidelines closely.

If you are buying online, it might be good to know that all, if not most of the retailers should provide some avenue to contact them for enquiries. Most often, it will be in the form of emails, or as simple as leaving a comment describing your question(s).

Posing questions in the comments has its own advantages. Very often, people who have bought the product before might be able to answer your questions by replying to your comments.

Another way to increase the probability of choosing the appropriate size, is to take measurements of the size of your ankle, followed by the calf and then, the thigh.

Besides the above, some people are worried that the length of the leggings might not be right. This can be easily solved by doing some measuring.

If you are wearing shorter leggings from your kneecaps, do measure the distance between your kneecaps to your ankles.

If you are wearing longer leggings from your thighs, measuring the distance between your thighs to the ankles should work.

Is It Harmful To Wear Compression Leggings Whole Day?

The general rule is to wear compression leggings during daytime and remove them before you go to bed at the end of the day.

However, for those who are wearing compression leggings for medical reasons, the duration to wear the leggings is very much dependent on the respective medical condition.

For instance, certain medical condition requires the patient to wear the leggings for the whole day except at night when you sleep.

Some other medical conditions might require the patient to wear the leggings only when the patient is standing or sitting.

Therefore, it is important to consult your doctor or pharmacists beforehand.

Points To Take Note.

For those who are wearing compression leggings for non-medical purposes, it is beneficial to start from something with lighter compression first.

However, for those who are wearing compression leggings for medical reasons, always consult or follow your doctor’s recommendation.


Today, compression leggings are comfortable and modern-looking. This enables us to enjoy the various benefits comfortably while looking good at the same time!

If you are already wearing any sort of compression leggings, do share your experiences by leaving a comment below. All of us can learn from each other’s experiences!

10 thoughts on “Medical Compression Leggings

  1. Lynn, thanks for this blog post about compression stockings. I’m diabetic and I have used these before until my legs and feet grew too sensitive after a long bout with feet and leg ulcers. The compression is good to help with the swelling of your legs and reduce the risk of blood clots. Your information in the post is good to know and yes, one should always check with your doc. -Shirley

    1. Hi Shirley!

      Thank you so much for your precious input! I’m sure your experience will be helpful to some who may be facing the same condition!

  2. I didn’t know anything about compression leggings before. To be honest instead of legs, it’s my feet that get tired from standing especially when its hot,though I don’t stand the whole day. Do the compression leggings solve that problem as well or is there the ones that are suitable for feet only?

    Thank you for this informative article.


    1. Hi Maggie!

      Thank you so much for reading! You may want to try compression socks which covers your feet. For me, compression ankle sleeves work best as my ankles are the ones which hurt when I stand or walk for too long.

  3. I will definitely share this post with my girlfriend. She is a professional ballet dancer and she always looks for way to improve her figure, even if she is doing some home chores or just walking down the street. She already used medical compression leggings and she informed me that it was really helping her with doing just that, maintaining her great figure.

    1. Hi Strahinja.

      Thank you so much for your input! I have a few friends who are dancers as well. Even though they might not be professional dancers, they do wear compression leggings most of the time! Once again, thank you very much for reading!

  4. This offers a good recommendation to wear light support compression stockings. As I get older I get tired easier, especially my legs and ankle. Looking into lighter compression might help me. Thanks.

  5. I have never heard of these before. Thank you for this great information. I know several people who could benefit from these. Do you have a recommendation for where to buy them?

    1. Hi Catherine.

      Thank you very much for reading.

      Fortunately, nowadays, these leggings are rather easy to find as they are rather popular. You can try Amazon. I believe there are some quality leggings.

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