Full Body Shapewear For Women

With more and more well-known celebrities such as Kim Kardashian revealing the fact that they have been wearing Slimshapewear under their gorgeous outfit, shapewear has become a popular instant solution for women striving to look their best.

Today, women are very fortunate to have a wide variety of shapewear options to choose from.

Other than shapewear with different levels of control, shapewear can also be classified into two main groups, namely, Full Body Shapewear and Shapewear targeting only certain body parts. (Click here to know more about shapewear with different levels of control.)

In this post, we will explore more about Full Body Shapewear For Women vs Shapewear which targets only certain parts of the body.

Full Body Shapers

Full body shapers, as the name implies, provides overall control to the body. There are a few variants of full body shapers depending on your preferences.

Some full bodysuit shapers comes with bra and provides control and shaping starting from the busts to the tummy area, and then to the hip or even to the thighs.

There is also another type of full bodysuit which does not come with a built-in bra. For this type of shaper, control and shaping starts from just below the busts to the tummy, and then to the hip or thighs. This is a great option for women who prefer to wear their own bras.

Full bodysuit shapers can come in the form of thongs or shorts. Choose the shorts version if you want to extend control and shaping beyond your hips to your thighs.

Full Body Shapewear Slip is another alternative to obtain all-round control and shaping. It is a mini-skirt form of bodysuit and is most appropriate to wear under dresses or skirts.

Shapewear Which Targets Only Certain Parts Of The Body

Instead of wearing full body shapers, there are various types of shapewear which targets specific parts of the body.

There are BRAS aimed to provide lift to the busts, WAIST CINCHERS as well as HIGH WAISTED shapewear to provide control to the tummy (To know more about tummy control, click here to read my post on Shapewear For Tummy), shapewear SHORTS to shape the hips, provide lift to the butts as well as proving control to the thighs, and finally, TIGHTS to provide control to the legs.

Pros And Cons Of Wearing Shapewear Which Targets Only Certain Parts Of The Body

Shapewear which targets certain parts of the body is commonly preferred for women who is contented with controlling and Shapewear for tummy shaping only one or two parts of their body.

These are women who are able to identify the “problematic” area/areas of their figure and feel confident that addressing these “problematic” area/areas are sufficient for them to look good.

Some women may also choose this type of shapewear instead of full bodysuits because they feel that it is more airy and cooling as fewer parts of the body is covered.

However, there are some disadvantages of wearing shapewear which targets specific parts of the body.

For those who wants to target more than one part of the body, say.. the tummy and thighs for example, she would have to buy and wear two separate pieces of shapewear. Some woman might find this rather troublesome.

Another disadvantage is unwanted bulges might appear.

Wearing two or more separate pieces of shapewear might push the fats from the targeted areas to gabs in between the two or more pieces of shapewear. If this happens, unsightly bulges might appear and this is really not what we want.

Pros and Cons of Full Bodyshapers

As mentioned previously, some women might think that they will feel warm wearing full bodysuits.

For these women, the material of the shapewear is important. The good news is majority of the shapewear today, are made of materials which are airy and cooling. Many women have found wearing shapewear rather comfortable.

As full bodysuit shapewear is one single piece (other than those which does not come with bra), it is much convenient than buying and wearing two or more separate pieces.

Full bodysuit shapewear also have the advantage of providing all rounded body shaping. Even if you are just targeting specific parts of the body, wearing a full bodysuit can create a seamless and smoother contour from top to bottom.

This is because full bodysuit is one full piece.

Therefore, there is very little chance of having unwanted bulges, especially in between individual shapewear pieces.

Instead, what you will get is maximum full body control to achieve a much more proportional figure which flows naturally and seamlessly.

Choosing the right shapewear size is also crucial in preventing unwanted bulges from appearing. (Click here to read more about the importance of choosing the right size).

Full Body Shapers Provides Better Posture Support

As full body shapers provides more back coverage, it tends to be able to provide more support and improve a women’s  Full body shapersposture.

This is because support at the back accompanied by tucking in the tummy by a full body shaper, forces the women wearing it to both stand and sit in an upright position.

Having good posture is linked to many advantages.

The most immediate and obvious advantage is that you will look taller and sleeker due to the upright posture. Body curves will also be more prominent as areas such as the waist appears more trim. This is will greatly make you look more attractive and confident.

Having good posture also benefits the spine. Sitting and standing in an upright position means that weight is equally distributed to the spine as well as the muscles near the spine.

This will greatly reduce the possibility of spine related problems such as back pain.

To Conclude…

Everyone of us are different. Every woman has different set of concerns as well as different problematic areas on our bodes.

These factors will determine which type of shapewear is an appropriate solution for each one of us.

Whichever type of shapewear you choose, comfort is very important because we can only look good when we are comfortable.

If you have tried shapewear, do comment below on what are the types of shapewear you have tried and your thoughts about the type of shapewear.

Thanks for reading!

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34 thoughts on “Full Body Shapewear For Women

  1. I really enjoyed your article. I have actually been looking for a nice one, where I live I have not seen any that are bra included. I bought one a few years ago and it was so uncomfortable and I could hardly breathe in it. I have to agree that it seems better to buy one which has the bra included. Your site gives a lot of detail and I am so happy that the materials are of better and breathable quality. There is nothing worse than sweating in one that has not got breathable material. I also like that they help support posture many people suffer from posture issues and this can lead to other health issues. Thank you.

  2. This is a great read! I love that you cover many different options for all the different body types because we are definitely not all a one size fits all! You have me interested in Shapewear now!! Thank you for the info 🙂

  3. Interesting points. I had no idea there were so many different kinds of shapewear. I’ve considered, in passing, the thought of getting shapewear for the area I’m most self-conscious about- my tummy. I’ve never seriously considered it because I felt shapewear would feel confining and restrictive. But maybe I should give them a chance.

  4. It’s good to know that there are lots of choices when it comes to choosing the right shapewear. I think most of us could use some help in concealing certain areas of the body! I was wondering… do they make something that goes from head to toe??? (just kidding) although some days I feel like I could benefit from something like that lol.
    Great site and I’m going to check out a few of your other posts to find the best shapewear for me. Thanks

  5. Hi, I didn’t realise there were so many options for shape wearing. Although after reading this post, I can now see why. I’m glad you mentioned that the materials used have been created to allow for breathability, as where I live, it can get so stinking hot, and it would make it a difficult choice not to wear shapewear if I needed to with the heat here in Summer. I can see why people would choose a full body shapewear, while also consider for our personal problematic areas too. Personally, I have only one area that needs help, I’m very fortunate in that respect. But it’s so good to know these products exist for that one area. Thanks to whoever come up with shapewear for modern times. I can’t imagine wearing a 19th century girdle these days lol!

  6. Thank you for writing this article! I have only ever used shapewear that targeted my belly and found it to be quite uncomfortable! This gives me hope that there may be shapewear that I might actually feel comfortable in.

  7. You raise some really good points Lynz, especially about the posture. I tend to slouch because I am quite tall. I know that certain garments can aid my posture, even just to remind me to stand up tall. I love the idea of the full body for wearing a glamorous dress out somewhere special. Kind of a “set and forget” so you can just enjoy the evening, including eating a full dinner!

  8. When I’m looking at a piece of shapewear, the first thing to look at is the material. I want to make sure it is cotton fibers as possible to allow circulation and breathability. For me, the other most crucial factor of shapewear is sizing.
    I can’t emphasize how important it is to look at the sizing chart and grab a tape measure. You do not know something that will feel tight and constricting. First of all, it won’t be comfortable, but most importantly, it may cut off blood circulation if it’s too tight.
    Thank you for this helpful post.

  9. Shapewear is amazing. I’ve used it after each one of my kids were born, so that was four times. It helped my stomach to move back into place.

    Coming from a personal training background, I had many clients who wore it as well. They stated it helped them manage their food intake as well taught them how to hold their stomach in, which is huge as it also works wonders for the posture.

  10. Hello

    I really enjoyed reading your thoughts on shapewear, I will be getting married next year and I am currently in search of the right shapewear for me.
    Reading this article has helped clarify the many different types, I am pretty new to this as I am generally a jeans and t-shirt, no make up kind of girl.

    1. Hi Brianne.

      Thank you very much for reading and CONGRATS! May you find a suitable shapewear soon and be the shiniest star on your wedding day!

  11. I didn’t know there were different kinds of shapewear. I was interested in reading the pros and cons, and learning more about it. What body types are shapewear intended for?

    1. Hi Christine! There are many different types of shapewear in the market. The first step in choosing an appropriate shapewear is to decide on which part(s) of the body you want to target.

  12. I really am in need of a nice body shaper. I have looked in different places online but it’s so hard to distinguish a good one and the right fit without a professional helping you. I purchased one online wore it a few times and forgot about it. Mine was the waist shaper but I am very much interested in the full body shaper. I am going to reference your page when I am ready to make that purchase. Thank you so much for this informative post. 🙂

  13. Though there are different types of shapewear available, the full-body shaper is better I guess. This gives the complete shape. Usually, I get the waist shaper. This time I am going to try full-body shaper for the party. Nice post.

  14. Great article! I like the fact that shapewear has bras built into them. I agree that it will give a sleeker look. I used to wear girdles when I was younger. Now there is so much more out there, a lot better than what was available 30 years ago!

    Awesome article! Thank you!
    Donna Rayne

  15. So funny to come across this post now! I was recently in the market for shapewear for my midsection. I saw quite a few options but I was most concerned about being able to remove the garment quickly and easily if I had to go to the bathroom.

    This article gives good information on what’s out there. I just wish I saw it before I made my final choice.


  16. Great Article and a very interesting one at that. I think us women are always looking for the appropriate shapewear. Thank you for writing an article pointing out the do and don’ts.

  17. Hi Lynn
    I think I’ve been living under a rock for many years. I hadn’t even known these existed. Now that I’ve stumbled across your amazing article I’m definitely going to look into it. My problem area tends to be my stomach, being a 40 something year old. Your article is has provided some great information and introduced me to something worth looking into to help me feel better about myself.


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