Best Women Shapewear

Due to the increasing popularity of shapewear, there are more and more brands of shapewear to choose from.

Among the various shapewear brands, some have come a long way while others joined the competition later. Some brands offer unique features to differentiate themselves from other brands.

Other than branding, the preference of shapewear brands is also affected by the look, material and quality of the shapewear, the ability to provide a smooth and sleek look, level of comfort as well as price. 

So, What Is The Best Women Shapewear?

Well, every woman have different considerations when choosing the brand of shapewear.

For instance, a woman might feel that she does not want to spend too much on shapewear while another woman might be more willing to spend as long as the shapewear is able to help her achieve the right figure she wants.

In addition, some women may be more inclined towards brands which provide attractive pattern designs, while some others may feel that quality is more important than design.

Since individual woman has different preferences and considerations, it is difficult to pinpoint which exact brand is the best.

Hence, in this article, I am going to focus on the most popular shapewear brands in the market currently.

Spanx Shapewear

Spanx is undeniably a well-known and established shapewear brand among many women.

Founded by Sara Blakely, it all started in 1998 when Sara improvised her pantyhose into an undergarment, in an attempt to achieve a smooth look for a party which she would be attending.

Spanx is well-known for its seamless design, with the intention to provide maximum comfort as well as eliminating visible lines from the undergarment. It aimed to provide women with a smooth look for any outfit.

It is also a favorite brand among many celebrities who are loyal customers. To name a few, celebrities such as Kim Kardashia, Gwyneth Paltrow, Jessica Alba and Jennifer Lopez have been wearing Spanx shapewear and sung praises of the brand.

Spanx offers a complete variety of shapewear.

For overall control, the brand’s shapewear bodysuits are great options.

To target specific parts of the body, choose among these options – shapewear mid-thighs, shapewear tanks and camis, shapewear shorts or pants and shapewear slips.

In addition, to slim down lower thighs under pants, the brand’s shapewear footless and capris options are also available.

One of the popular shapewear offered by Spanx is the Spanx Slimmer & Shine Firm Control Open Bust Bodysuit.

This shapewear is popular among women who prefer to wear their own bra.

Thanks to Spanx’s seamless design, no unwanted lines can be seen. It is perfect for wearing under silky dresses or outfit.

On top of these, this shapewear is also a good option if you have the intention to wear an outfit with low back.

Women who wore this bodysuit also said that they feel relatively comfortable, while providing a good level of compression.

Spanx offers high quality shapewear. However, its shapewear can be rather costly to some.

Shapeez Shapewear

If your focus is on the busts, you will definitely be impressed by Shapeez shapewear. It is because Shapeez shapewear comes in a variety of bra options.

Shapeez was started by Staci Berner. It all started when Staci wanted to create the perfect bra which not only provides comfort and support, but also does not reveal bra lines and unwanted bulges.

A popular Shapeez product is Shapeez Unbelievabra.

The Shapeez Unbelievable bodyshapers comes with various integrated bras options to cater to your needs and preferences. You can choose between underwire bra with foam, minimizer or padding. It is also available in maximiser cup.

On top of this, this collection of bodyshapers works especially well in removing bulges at the back. You will be able to achieve a much smoother back, along with slimmer and more toned waist, tummy and hips, depending on the length of the bodyshaper you chooose.

The Shapeez Unbelievabra bodyshapers are comfortable and of good quality. The straps also do not fall off. This collection also comes in beautiful pattern designs.

On the other hand, if you prefer bra without underwire, try Shapeez Wirefree Bralette with removable foam or padding.

For women with smaller cup sizes, do opt for shapewear bras or tanks with foam cup styles. This shapewear will enhance the busts for these women.

Women with bigger cup sizes should select shapewear bras with non- Shapewear Bodysuitfoam styles. Wearing this shapewear has the advantage of not adding on to the size of the busts.

Maidenform Shapewear

Maidenform shapewear is another popular choice among women. It is definitely much more affordable.

However, despite being more affordable, the quality of Maidenform shapewear is not compromised! The shapewear is of good quality.

Many women find the material of Maidenform shapewear both lightweight and cool. Therefore, the shapewear is also suitable to be worn under hot and humid climate/conditions.

Shapewear from Maidenform is designed to slim down tummy and remove the muffin top look.

Some women find the shapewear a little tighter. This is also probably the reason why this shapewear is able to provide more control which gives it the ability to smooth everything. The most amazing thing is, despite being more snugly, women who have worn Maidenform shapewear still find it rather comfortable!

In addition, there is also a layer of rubber grip on top to prevent the shapewear from rolling down, which can be pretty annoying.

Maidenform shapewear also comes in a variety of options – shaping panties, bodyshapers, thigh slimmers, slips, waist  cinchers, camisoles and shaping legwear.

So… Which Shapewear To Choose?

Currently, there are many brands of quality shapewear in the market. Almost every brand have their own unique or strong  points. Some provide more control, some brands focus on comfort, some brands provide shapewear with pretty designs and the list can go on and on….

As every individual is unique and has different preferences, different features of each brand will appeal to different women. Therefore, I feel that there is no single brand of shapewear which is the best.

Having said these, regardless of the brand you choose, the ultimate purpose of shapewear is to make women more attractive and confident by enhancing their shape.

8 thoughts on “Best Women Shapewear

  1. I love how much shapewear has come on over the years. I remember my first pair of shapewear pants being skin tone and really not that attractive. I also remember them being a nightmare to get on and off to go to the toilet on a night out. I really loved this article as you highlighted that times have moved on, there are so many options and beautiful designs and colours to choose. Of course white, skin and tan are going to be best for under clothes, however as your article highlights, they designs are so flattering and attractive.

    I have also found that the material and flexibility has got much better over the years. shape wear still has the strength to hold in all those bits we want to flatten, but now is more flexible to get on and off.

    what have you found to be the most comfortable, yet still flattering range?

    I will take a look at some of your articles suggestions and will hopefully find the perfect shapewear that in both flattering and flattening. Many thanks

  2. Lynx, I enjoyed reading your post. I have picked up shape wear few times in the past, but I did not use it for long because it seems not to be the right fit or its not the right choice. Reading this will help me make a better choice the next time I am picking up one. Thank you for sharing this tip.

  3. Since my hormones kicked in and completely changed my body type, I’ve been struggling with my clothes. Everything that used to look good on me, doesn’t sit well with my new belly. But buying a new wardrobe isn’t in the budget, nor fits my sustainable lifestyle. Until now, I hadn’t thought about shapewear. Lightbulb moment here… Thanks for this information.

    It seems like a great way to be able to still look good in my old clothes without spending a fortune. I’m going to read through more of your articles to figure out what shapewear would suit me best. I prefer to buy as eco-friendly as I can. Do you happen to know if there are sustainable brands for shapewear? And wether they perform as well as the other brands do?

    1. Hi Bianca.

      I will be adding a few posts recommending some shapewear soon. Do look out for them. Thank you very much for reading!

  4. Hi, I always wanted to try using shapewear but I’ve been afraid to try it out due to my back issues. This is very good information. I didn’t even know there were many different options. I thought it was just basic ones and the ones that are usually always on TV. I’m thinking of trying some out but I will consult my Dr. and check if its okay. It probably is but I just want to make sure. I really want one because I would like to look my best when wearing a dress. Thanks again for the information!

    1. Hi Sandy. Thank you so much for reading. Most of the shapewear does comes with back support which may help to provide some form of relieve to your back problem. However, please do consult your doctor first. I wish you a speedy recovery!

  5. Love this article and site.
    I personally don´t use shapewear but I this it is great for boosting the self confidence and making your figure look great.
    After this article think I might consider buying one 🙂
    Thumbs up.

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