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I am Lynz. I am a mother of a teenager.

Before I was pregnant with my son, I was slightly underweight. This also meant I was really slim then!

As I was underweight, my gynae advised me to put on some weight for the sake of the baby. I began to eat more and even took supper almost every day!

Eating more was by no means a difficult task for me as I soon realized that I was always hungry!


When I reached full term, I gained almost 18kg!

After my baby boy was delivered, I only lost 5kg…

What really concerned me then, was my tummy. I had loose skin in that area and it was really big! In addition, I had gained quite a lot of ‘meat’ on my bottoms and thighs.

It was extremely demoralizing. I felt nothing I wear looked good on me.

Over the next few years, I did try to slim down the healthy way, by exercising and watching what I ate.

Soon, years have passed. My efforts to slim down did help a little. I did lost an additional 4kg.

However, my tummy did not slim down too much. I am still faced with a protruding tummy and big thighs.

Now and then, friends and relatives would even asked me if I was pregnant with my second child! I was really disturbed!


I realized the process of slimming down the healthy way takes time. Meanwhile, I needed a quick solution to make myself feel more confident especially when I go out.

Eventually, I found Shapewear. It firms up and flattens my tummy, bottoms and thighs by quite a bit! I began to look better in clothes and feel much more confident and happy now.


Shapewear is the solution to improving my self-esteem while I am still working on getting my ideal figure back.

Shapewear is not only for mothers. It is for all women out there who wants to look good from the outside and feels good from the inside!

So, do look around here. If you have anything to share, I would love to hear it!




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