What is Compression Tights – How Does It Benefit ……

What is Compression Tights

So far, we had been talking about wearing compression wear or shapewear for beauty reasons, which is, to provide shaping and enhancement, in an effort to achieve a slimmer and more attractive and curvy figure at the same time. However, compression wear can be used for reasons other than the above! Besides beauty reasons, compression […]

Best Spanx For Tummy Control – SPANX OnCore Bodysuit Review

Tummy Control

The demand for modern shapewear has been rising as more women are becoming more conscious of their figure. Unfortunately, many of us do not have the ‘flawless’ figure. To many women, the most common issue they have with their figure is their tummy bulge. Many women, regardless of age and size, face this tummy issue! […]

Strapless Shapewear – Look Good In Any Outfit!

White Wedding Gown

Today, many women are wearing shapewear to get the “perfect figure” with the right curves and still look slim and sleek. There are many types of shapewear in the market. The kind of shapewear to wear is really up to the individual. It depends greatly on which area/areas does individual wants more support or control. […]

Shaping Swimwear – Elegant Swimwear With Effective Tummy Control Review

Shaping Swimwear

Wearing swimwear can be a big concern for many women. This is because a typical swimwear provides less coverage compared to our usual outfit. As such, “problematic” areas of our body are revealed and can be more obvious. The fear of exposing parts of the body which we are not confident with, impacts our confidence […]